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Yoga for Athletes

This class is taught by:

Melissa Lord

Melissa was drawn to her first yoga class as a way to compliment distance running and other athletic pursuits. Beyond gaining strength and flexibility, she discovered many unexpected benefits, such as stress relief and calmness of mind.
She believes that yoga has something to offer each one of us, and that we should challenge ourselves through yoga, whether mentally or physically.
Melissa is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance and is excited to share her love of yoga with others, hoping they find the balance and joy she has found within her own practice. Please visit her website at

Dennis Wilson

Dennis is a native of Colorado.  He loves Colorado for the sports, the outdoors, the arts and restaurants.  He found yoga after trying several different exercise classes.  "After taking my first yoga class I felt a shift in my entire body.  The strength, balance, flexibility and ability to focus all were a challenge and I felt this overwhelming calmness that was new to me."
Dennis teaches a Vinyasa flow and believes yoga is not just a physical practice but a lifestyle.  His goal is to show you that any of life's challenges can be overcome through the practice of yoga.  Come enjoy a life changing class with Dennis today!

Calling all road-warriors, trail-junkies and gym-rats...this is a yoga class designed to benefit the athlete (but you definitely don't need to be an athlete to attend).

Strengthening asanas (poses) will be combined with deep opening of those muscle areas that can become tense and tight in active people - hamstrings/quads, hips and shoulders, among others. Building strength in the core will protect and support the body in all endeavors.

Become more connected with your body and breath while improving flexibility/range of motion, balance and overall stability. Combined, these things can improve performance, reduce injuries and aid in faster recovery for athletes of all disciplines.

**All levels welcome**