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Yoga Sculpt

This class is taught by:

Jill Strnad

Sarcastic, irreverent, and droll in demeanor and callipygian in appearance (and deeply humble), Jill is as atypical a yoga instructor as one could find. For one thing, she hates kale. She knows it's good for her, though, so she suffers it. The same is said of chair pose.

Jill came to yoga to heal what she often called irritatingly persistent knee injuries. It was the same knee, but different injuries each time. ("Well, thankfully it's not my good one" was her mantra.) But as her knee healed and she could once again stomp without a limp, other aspects of her life become more aligned and easier as well. A lightness in step crossed over to what one of her favorite authors would refer to as a lightness of being. In that regard, Jill absolutely believes in and is grateful for the healing power of yoga.

But she also believes, first and foremost, that yoga should be a safe and judgment-free zone where people can have fun and make their practices their own. Every body is different, and no pose looks the same. Every person comes to yoga for a different reason. And as such, Jill frequently says, "It's just yoga, y'all." If a yogi wants to spend an hour in Savasana, she absolutely would not care.

Susie Nelson

Susie has a BS Degree from San Diego State University in Kinesiology with a specialization in Fitness, Nutrition and Health. She also practiced as a Physical Therapy Assistant before starting to balance a healthy lifestyle with the demands of a young family. After years as a gymnast turned marathon runner, turned triathlete, Susie began her yoga practice in 2009. She quickly discovered a regular yoga practice could reduce stress, heal injuries and deepen her connection with what she valued most in life. After years of practice as a student, Susie was ready to take her yoga to the next level—as an instructor. She achieved her Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training certification through CorePower Yoga and has also completed training programs with SilverSneakers and Dynamic Systems Rehabilitation.

Whether creating custom classes for individuals with disabilities/injuries or facilitating group yoga classes, Susie draws upon her physical therapy background to create a fun and mindful practice for her students. Her love and passion for yoga shine through.

When Susie is not at the yoga studio she enjoys shorter runs, playing tennis, watching her son play baseball for MSU or relaxing in Maui.

Sculpt your body by adding small hand weights (always optional) to your yoga flow! A Vinyasa flow class with sculpting and cardio to strengthen and sculpt the full body.

Upcoming classes:

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