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Patsy, the owner of The Cycling Yogi and a Colorado native, grew up in the mountains of Colorado leading an active lifestyle. She enjoyed lifting weights and Rollerblading almost daily. Working the evening shift at the hospital, her philosophy was to “play” at the beginning of her day when she was energized and to earn a paycheck while she “recovered”. She moved to Denver in 1996 and earned her B.S. in Business Management from the University of Colorado. She is passionate about wellness and nutrition and enjoys studying these topics. Looking for a new workout, she discovered yoga. She attended classes for the exercise and found herself driving home afterward in a state of bliss. With regular practice she experienced less stress and back pain.
After falling in love with cycle/yoga, she began her training in the Fall of 2009 with the intent of opening her own studio to bring yoga to her community.  She has since been trained in yoga sculpt and is certified in TRX, Barre, Tabata Bootcamp and a 2nd 200 hr yoga certification.
Patsy enjoys teaching new students and gets excited when a student accomplishes something they didn't think they could do.  
Allison was raised in southeastern Michigan, spending much of her time on the inland lakes and snowboarding. She then ventured to Columbus, Ohio to cheer on the buckeyes and pursue dual degrees from Ohio State: a Bachelors in Health Sciences and later a Masters in Occupational Therapy. She currently works in several settings in the Denver area as an Occupational Therapist helping those with disabilities or injury become independent.
Allison was quickly converted from a passive yoga class dropout to a dedicated student, and inspired teacher after discovering the mind, body, and community connection a deep practice brings. She completed her 100 hour teacher training in Columbus through Go Yoga (2014) and 200 hour certification in Sedona, also through Go Yoga (2015).
Allison enjoys teaching vinyasa classes based on the principles of breath, ease and flow of movement, empowerment, and balance with edge. She was further intrigued by cycling as a means of safe cardiovascular exercise and completed her cycle certification through The Cycling Yogi in 2016, now teaching and always striving to have a motivating playlist and energy.
When not teaching or working, Allison loves the art of Acro Yoga and can often be spotted flying or upside down on someone's feet.

Hooked since the very first time she came to the mat, Amy can’t imagine her life without yoga. Her practice has been a great complement to her active lifestyle, relieving aches and pains after a day of playing outdoors and has given her the physical and mental strength to progress further in all her endeavors. Most importantly, it has taught her to trust her intuition and live a life more true to her heart.

Amy teaches vinyasa and restorative yoga. In her vinyasa classes, she guides students through a challenging series of postures, connecting the breath with every movement, while encouraging self-acceptance, and providing students the opportunity to make new discoveries by stepping outside of their comfort zone. Her therapeutic restorative classes include passive, prop supported poses, meditation, relaxing music, and a bit of Thai yoga massage to gently open up the body and calm the mind, relieving both physical and emotional stress.

Amy graduated from George Mason with a BA in psychology, received her 200 hour teacher certification & restorative training through Qi Yoga, and kids yoga training through Yoga for Young Warriors. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and is currently pursuing her Thai Yoga Massage certification.

Amy seeks to carry the awareness and gratitude she’s found through her yoga practice into all her experiences. She loves early morning sunrises, the mountains, and especially loves spending time with her wonderful family and friends. Her favorite activities include skiing, hiking, cycling, reading, listening to music, watching the faces of her kids light up on a ball field, and cuddling with her dog Daisy.

Dennis is a native of Colorado.  He loves Colorado for the sports, the outdoors, the arts and restaurants.  He found yoga after trying several different exercise classes.  "After taking my first yoga class I felt a shift in my entire body.  The strength, balance, flexibility and ability to focus all were a challenge and I felt this overwhelming calmness that was new to me."
Dennis teaches a Vinyasa flow and believes yoga is not just a physical practice but a lifestyle.  His goal is to show you that any of life's challenges can be overcome through the practice of yoga.  Come enjoy a life changing class with Dennis today!
Growing up in Colorado, Erica has always loved getting out into the outdoors. In 2006 she started cycling after spending years playing team sports trying to find a new sport she would love. She started into yoga after finding that she was having back and shoulder problems from cycling. Learning that by combining a yoga practice with her cycling she was able to strengthen as well as improve her posture and balance on a bike. 6 years ago after a bad bike accident on her bike she decided to go beyond traditional physical therapy and immerse herself in yoga trainings in Costa Rica. Through her time there she was able to regain her strength and functionality.
Her journey through 4 yoga trainings (Interdisciplinary yoga, Children’y yoga, Restorative yoga and Innerquest) taught her the use of modifications and new postures to not only regain her functionality but also grow her practice and help others. She has enjoyed the challenge of working with people with injuries and disabilities as well as high school sports teams to help them minimize their risks of injury through improved strength and flexibility.
She loves biking, hiking and other adventures when she’s not in the studio!
Heidi joined the Cycling Yogi team in November 2016 as a cycling instructor. She has spent the last 30 years of her physical therapy practice working with children who have disabilities and their families to enhance community participation and independence. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and Doctor of Philosophy in Pediatric Science degree from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. She is an Associate Professor at Regis University and has worked with community rehabilitation teams in the United States, Nicaragua and Peru.
Her work and life experiences have taught her to have gratitude for her health, family and community.  In her free time, she is skiing, cycling, running, swimming and spending time with her husband and 3 children. She is excited to share her love for health & wellness with the Cycling Yogi community.
Heidi's motivation to teach group fitness is simply to inspire her clients to be the best versions of themselves. Her fitness background is rooted in barre, which has organically evolved into a passion for yoga.
Heidi appreciates the mind body connection that both barre and yoga have to offer. She also believes that fitness is for everyone and it is not a one size fits all undertaking. Heidi invites potential clients to embrace barre and yoga and the benefits that follow.

Janelle has practiced yoga for over 14 yrs, which has played an integral role in her life’s journey. Growing up, her yogi aunt and uncle were her inspiration. Yoga has helped her find balance, increase awareness and manage chronic pain. She has a passion for discovery and adventure and when she is not doing yoga, you will find her enjoying the great outdoors, traveling and exploring ancient ruins (or at least wishing she was), cooking, crocheting or making jewelry. This same passion fuels her desire to deepen her understanding and practice of yoga.

Janelle has a Masters degree in Public Health (Global Health) working to help people create a lifestyle of balance and health with education and wellness programs that address nutrition, quitting tobacco, stress management, weight loss and physical activity.

Janelle grew up in California, Colorado and New Mexico before heading to Washington for college.

In 2013 she and her partner relocated from Seattle to Denver and she decided it was time to do what she had always dreamed of doing, become a yoga teacher.

In March 2014 she graduated from Heritage College Yoga Training School & Studio in Denver. She looks forward to sharing her passion and excitement for yoga with you!

Jenn teaches alignment based vinyasa flow. Utilizing breath, music, theme,mindful sequencing and humor she brings a challenging yet playful teaching style to her classes.  Jenn graduated in 2011 from the Tillai University 200 hour teacher training through OmTime in Boulder, CO under the guidance of Shannon Paige Schneider.  She also holds
a prenatal teaching certificate from DeWest at The Yoga Workshop in Boulder.

Off the mat, Jenn maintains her fun zest for life and likes biking, boating, and gardening or just hanging out at the playground with her family.

Jen’s journey to yoga began when a friend of hers invited her to a free community class. She found herself coming back week after week. Her body, her mind, and her attitude began to change. Jen loved how yoga created a space to relieve her anxiety and also gave her the physical strength and mental courage to do things she never thought were possible.

Her yoga teachers’ passion for the many layers of yoga sparked Jen’s curiosity and encouraged her to pursue the 200-hour yoga teacher training through The Cycling Yogi.

Jen strives to create a class atmosphere where everyone laughs when they fall and smile when a pose is challenging. She loves teaching classes aimed at improving not only flexibility and strength, but also mindfulness and courage. She encourages students to ask questions throughout the practice and during adjustments to promote community, learning, and a safer practice.

Outside of yoga, Jen can usually be found with her head in a book, cooking delicious food, painting, or outside indulging in the fresh Rocky Mountain air. One of her goals this year is to successfully complete National Novel Writing Month.

Sarcastic, irreverent, and droll in demeanor and callipygian in appearance (and deeply humble), Jill is as atypical a yoga instructor as one could find. For one thing, she hates kale. She knows it's good for her, though, so she suffers it. The same is said of chair pose.

Jill came to yoga to heal what she often called irritatingly persistent knee injuries. It was the same knee, but different injuries each time. ("Well, thankfully it's not my good one" was her mantra.) But as her knee healed and she could once again stomp without a limp, other aspects of her life become more aligned and easier as well. A lightness in step crossed over to what one of her favorite authors would refer to as a lightness of being. In that regard, Jill absolutely believes in and is grateful for the healing power of yoga.

But she also believes, first and foremost, that yoga should be a safe and judgment-free zone where people can have fun and make their practices their own. Every body is different, and no pose looks the same. Every person comes to yoga for a different reason. And as such, Jill frequently says, "It's just yoga, y'all." If a yogi wants to spend an hour in Savasana, she absolutely would not care.

Kerri was born in the Deep South in Augusta, GA and raised in the heart of America in South Bend, IN. Her unique blend of southern charm and Midwest work ethic has continuously driven Kerri with a competitive, compassionate, and caring energy throughout her life and career.
Kerri's endeavors have included achieving her Masters in Speech Pathology, working as a certified Speech Therapist in both the health care and educational settings, raising 3 beautiful children and most recently becoming a fitness instructor. She completed the Burn at the Barre training and received her certification in the Fall of 2012, spin certification in 2013, completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in August of 2014 and power yoga extensions training in the Spring of 2015.

Kerri first discovered her desire for fitness competing in track, basketball, and softball as a young girl. She played softball at the Division 1 level at Ball State University. Kerri continues to have a passion for activities such as running, cycling, and yoga and continues to personally pursue these activities as a recreation, discipline, and as an important element of her lifestyle.

Kerri completed her Cycle/Kore training in the spring of 2013. She loves how a cycling class makes her feel energized and truly enjoys seeing her students benefit from their workout.

Kerri strives to make her classes inviting and fun yet challenging.

Lori joins the The Cycling Yogi after recently relocating from St. Andrews, Scotland. Although she is certified to teach the Ashtanga Primary Series, Pranayama (breath control), Meditation, and Sat-Kriyas (purification), Lori’s class style blends the intense physical asanas of Ashtanga, with pranayama and the more esoteric aspects of yoga to create an “immoveable union” of mind, body, and spirit.
Her insatiable thirst for scientific and philosophical elements of yoga has led to multiple trips across India for yoga study. A yogini at heart, she is inspired by legendary yogis like Sri Sri Ravi Shankakar, T.K.V. Desikachar (son of T. Krishnamacharya), Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj-ji, and Indra Devi (to name a few), and strives to live her life by Mahatma Gandhi's quote of 'being the change you wish to see in the world…’” She happily calls Golden, Colorado home and is excited to join The Cycling Yogi family.
Megan has been practicing yoga since 2005. Originally she practiced hot yoga to build physical strength and stamina. A couple years later she discovered vinyasa and
fell in love. After having her first child, Megan found that yoga helped her become more centered and relieve anxiety related to being a first time mom. Her wish it to empower students to find their own limits and make safe breakthroughs, both physically and spiritually. She wants her students to feel
more centered and gain harmony within their bodies and minds through a strengthening, alignment based flow.
Megan tries to remain active as a mom with young children, making time for skiing, hiking, cycling with her husband and playing outside with her son and family dog.

Recently she completed Laura Wade Jaster’s Spiral Mommas prenatal yoga training. She is now expecting her second child and enjoys sharing the benefits of yoga, breath
and movement with her students. Growing up with three older brothers, she finds prenatal yoga a welcome haven of sisterhood. Sharing the journey into motherhood with other expectant moms is a true honor. Her next training goals include cycle certification and restorative yoga.


Monica is a manual physical therapist by trade, but has been home with family since having kids. While pursuing education in the areas of nutrition and health on the side, she was introduced to MELT and drawn to it instantly! Monica has since trained exclusively with the creator of the MELT Method, Sue Hitzmann. She will work with you on reversing and staying out of chronic pain, injury prevention, improving athletic performance, flexibility, functional movement, joint decompression and mobility, stability and balance.
Monica offers private, semi-private, and small group MELT sessions. Achieve sustainable wellness through simple self-care techniques for pain-free, healthy living.
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